Subs and Match Fees

Subscriptions 2017/18

At the AGM in June 2017, the members agreed the following Subscriptions and Match Fees for 2017/18:

Membership Category                  
Annual Subscription             
New Adult Members (1st season)                         
 New Graduates (1st season)
 Juniors (U10s - U18s)
 U8s £60
Social / Indoor /
Occasional (Fewer than 6 Games)
 Membership Category
 Match Fees*
 Adult  £8
Junior playing in Adult Match
Unemployed  £4

There are a number of other concessions available for families with more than two junior members in any given season, and for junior members of fully paid-up adult members of the club. For details of these, please speak to Jemma Smith, BSHC Junior Manager.

We believe we offer good value hockey at a fair price.
As reported at the AGM, we compare very favourably to most clubs in the local area and beyond. In response to feedback from the membership, we have left our overall membership costs at the same level as previous years by increasing our annual subscription by £10 and reducing our weekly match fee by £0.50. This rewards our members who typically play week-in, week-out in the course of the season. We are also rewarding our regulars this year by capping the total number of match fees a member will play to 18 for the season (Saturday Friendlies, League and EH Cup games only).

BSHC is committed to inclusive hockey for all and encourages participation at every level of the game. The subscriptions and match fees above do not cover every eventuality, so whether you are joining the club mid-season, suffer a significant injury, or have any other concern about these levels, please do not hesitate to talk to your club captain or other member of the BSHC Management Committee.

The Club has adopted GoCardless payment for all subscriptions and match fees. For queries relating to the operation of this system, please contact Jamie Henderson, the BSHC Treasurer.