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How to keep your Privilege Card discount at Cricketfield Lane once BSHC moves to Beldams

30 Aug 2019



You will have seen the tremendous progress that has been made with our new home at Beldams Lane. The exciting news is that we will begin the league season with a new clubhouse overlooking a fantastic astroturf pitch alongside our existing facilities at Hockerill. This fulfils our long held ambition to co-locate our social and playing facilities. More details around the new site and the practical arrangements for using it and of course a ‘clubhouse-warming’ will be shared very soon.

The regrettable consequence of our move though is that the Hockey Club will cease to be a consitutent member of BS Community Sports Club at Cricketfield Lane on 01 Septmber, although our longstanding friendship will continue. This has a practical consequence for those of you who are Hockey Club Privilege Card Holders (the grey card which gives you discount at the bar). The trust have agreed that all existing Hockey Club Privilege Card Holders will be converted to BSST Social Members for which the subscription is £20 p.a. (running from 01 September each year). Paying this fee will enable you to continue to enjoy the 10% discount at the bar for as long as you are members. Any card holders who do not pay for a £20 social membership by 01 October 2019 will have the discount rate removed although you will still be able to use any outstanding credit on the card at full price. In other words, if you don’t sign up, you can continue to use your cards but won't receive any discount on purchases.

This will not apply to Hockey Club members who are also members of another BSST Club: their discount will continue as long as they are a member of another club.

Tubby tells me that the best way to make payment is by coming to the Charles Edwards Pavilion and speaking to the bar staff.

Cricketfield Lane has been an integral part of our history and many of you will have many happy memories of our time there. We are parting amicably, and I’m sure many of you will want to join me in continuing to enjoy the excellent social facilities that Tubby, Sedge, Paul Carter and the team have developed by signing up for a social membership!


Yours in Hockey