Bishop's Stortford Hockey Club - PaulaHarrisonMemorium

The club wished to inform the members that Paula Harrison, wife of Richard Harrison, died on Tuesday night.  This will be a shock to some of you who weren't even aware that she was ill.  She was diagnosed about 6 weeks ago with 'cardiac amyloidosis' -  essentially her bone marrow was producing too much of a certain protein which was getting stuck in her heart and had over the last year or more made the heart walls very thick, rigid and thus reduced hugely the effectiveness of her heart. The plan was that chemotherapy over the next 4-8 months would stop the problem getting worse.  She had done three weeks of this plus steroids and a myriad of drugs to stop the side effects.  She'd also had an ICD (pacemaker+defibrilator) device fitted just three weeks ago.


The club send their condolences to Richard and his family during this period of mourning.